Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, I implore all of you around the world to cry to beloved Jesus with the help of dearest St Jude on my behalf that I and my sweet daughter be housed together. She has disability and it’s now 24 years I’m fighting to be with my baby. Also, I have disabled brother in other country. Please, I beg God, heal my baby and my brother. I have no-one else left in my family and all these hurdles are way to heavy for me to deal with. It’s beyond my abilities. Please, I cry, I’m exhausted, lift my excruciating agonising suffer. It’s impossible to live like this anymore. Reunite me, my baby and my brother under the same roof, that we have normality. I simply beg to live with my beloved baby and brother – all of us together and that authorities involved be compassionate and help us instead of causing more damage. Also, on top of all this my husband of 10 years is a monster, a brutal, violent man, who constantly insults and abuses me and my child. Goooood, I beg you, look upon us, have mercy, Merciful Jesus, Mother Mary, I beg you, look at me, I’m also a mother, suffering without my baby, my life feels like a triple hell because 1) my baby is not living with me and she has disability 2) my brother is in another country and living in hospital with the disability and there is nobody whatsoever visit him as there is simply no family left 3) my husband is a pure evil monster who causes damages of unimaginable gravity. Please, Gooooood, help. Change all these by your miracle, Father Almighty help I cry to You, in Jesus name I beg. Give us NEW life and eradicate completely the past and all wrong people from my life. Protect us God, I beg. I do not have anyone else apart of you to Love and Protect me, my baby and my brother. I KNOW, you do hear beloved Jesus! I beg You, HEEEEELP. THANK YOU ❤️🙏🙏🙏