Yvonne Smith

Thank you St. Jude for helping me in the past. I need your intervention now more than ever. Please help me pray to St. Jude for his help with my family. Pray that my husband stop being so hateful, critical. That he stop using so much profanity, using God’s name in vain. Pray for my son Omar and his wife Katherine, that they open up their hearts minds and souls to Jesus. That they accept him as their Savior. Help them become devote Catholics. Pray for my daughter vannessa, lift up her self esteem. Take away her depression, mood swings. Help her get a job to support herself and 2young daughters. Pray she open up her mind and heart to Jesus, go to church, help her remove herself from the bad relationship she is in. St. Jude help and protect my granddaughters. That they grow up with deep faith in Jesus Christ, St. Jude. All Holy Angels and Saints.