Yvonne Smith

Please pray for my family and myself. Aside from numerous painful diagnosis, I have been told I have pulmonary fibrosis, aside using oxygen, I continue to gasp for air. As my lungs are being compressed by my chest muscles due toy diagnosis of ankylosis spondylosing. I’m in pain 24/7 all my diagnosis have no cure. Pray that I have the courage, strength,faith to carry my cross. My husband is also I’ll and next month he will go through medical procedure that will cost us $10,0000. Medicare nor insurance will cover it. Aside from hospital bills, and AMBULANCE bills, we may be homeless by next month. Please pray to St. Jude, to help us with our finances, health. I need to go see a specialist in another city for my lungs but I have no transportation, and Medicare nor insurance cover . St. Jude please help us find a solution to our financial crisis. GOD BLESS EVERYONE FOR YOUR PRAYERS. HAVE A BLESSED THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS..MAY GOD FILL YOUR DAYS WITH BLESSINGS,LOVE,FAITH,HOPE,JOY.