Please pray for my 7 yr. Old granddaughter sarakate . She has been ill. Has upper respiratory infection, fever, unable to swallow well, her oxygen levels were very low. My daughter asked the Dr. For respiratory treatment, oxygen, Dr. Refused. Sarakate is chronically I’ll with resp. Problems, allergies and stomach problems. She also has been having anxiety attacks, where she will pull her hair out. She becomes frustrated at school especially reading. The school system has been very slow in testing her. My daughter asked for a REFERAL to a child psychologist or psychiatrist ASAP, the Dr. Is also very slow about it. All I know is my granddaughter is suffering, hurting. My daughter is trying her very best. She also has a 4 yr. Old daughter, that sees all this. I’ve been praying to St. Jude,St. DYMPHIA,for help. Please help me pray for my family. St. Jude hear my prayers. Sacred Heart of Jesus help Sarakate and Paige and my daughter Vannessa. Immaculate Heart of Mary hear our prayers.u