Pray for the conversion of my spouse Richard, My son Omar and his wife Katherine and my daughter Vannessa to allow Jesus Christ into their lives. That they realize how important Jesus is to us.that they be taken under the wing of a priest to help them fullfil all the church Sacraments. Help them financially, medically. Help my daughter Vannessa get a job with good wages and benefits and security, so she can support herself and her daughters, be able to move out of the situation she is in at this time. Help my granddaughter sarakate age 7 spiritually emotionally mentally medically. Pray for my daughter, that she be able to find the necessary help for sarakates emotional issues and the help necessary to help both sarakate and Paige age 4 with their medical and learning issues. Pray that my Drs. Be able to correctly diagnose and treat my stomach chronic pain and other stomach ailments. And my chronic pain all over. Pray for my husband richard and my finances, so we can help out children and granddaughters. Pray for all souls in purgatory that their sins will be forgiven, and they’ve raised to heaven. Pray for everyone who has strayed, that they return to the Catholic Church.