St. Jude, I ask you to help me with my family. Help convert my husband richard, son Omar and his wife Katherine and my daughter Vannessa. Open up their hearts minds and allow Jesus Christ into their lives. That by a great miracle they meet someone who will guide them, lead them in the right direction to becoming Devout Catholics. Help them be able to attain all the Sacraments of the church. Help my daughter and my 2grandaughters,out of the bad situation they are in. My daughter who lives with the father of the children is in desperate need to get out of the house they live in, give vannessa the faith, strength, courage means necessary to move out without retaliation from Kyle or any of his family. Help her look, find and get a job with good hrs, wages, benefits to help support herself and her daughters. That someone will point out government programs for single mothers to assist her with housing, food, medical care and other expenses until she gets settled in. That Kyle CONTINUE TO pay child support. St. Jude patron of difficult cases I’m asking for your help, your intervention, taking my petitions to Jesus Christ Our Lord. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for my family, taking my Petit to your son JESUS CHRIST. That he in turn cover them with his blood, making them his petitions, prayers,and in turn presenting them to God the Almighty, as God the Father refuses nothing of his son Jesus. Michael the archangel defend us from Satan and all evil Spirits. St. Rita, Our Lady of Perpetual Soccour please help my loved ones.