St. Jude please help me, I have many illnesses, most of my organs and muscles,bones have been affected. I’m in constant pain and gasping for air,as my chest muscles are pressing on my lungs not allowing my lungs to expend, there is no cure for any of my issues. I had given up all hope,faith. I was angry. Gradually I began praying again, now I seem to understand why I’m so ill. Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, all these issues are my cross to carry
My cross to carry. I need help with prayers for st. Jude to intercede for me taking my prayers/petitions to Jesus for Strength,Courage,Faith, Trust,Love for Jesus Christ , to believe God is giving me a chance to become a better person/ Christian.we all need each other ,for prayer, support. St. Jude patron of difficult cases, I believe in you St. Jude you know what I need more than I I do, judge me in of my requests. St. Jude I thank you for being by my side through out my live. Jesus Christ THY WILL BE DONE.