Please pray for my family. I’ve been marrried 30yrs. Next week. My marriage is a shambles. Richard had been extremely critical, hateful towards. E. Constantly pointing out that I’ve gained weight. I’ve beeion lg. Amy. Of steroids due to several illnesses. He uses profanity mostly
Directed at me, uses God’s name in vain. When I try talking to him., He looks at me with a very angry face and accuses me of being ,, “FULL OF IT “. I CRY EVERY DAY. I TOLD HIM HE WAS BREAKING MY HEART. I PRAY EVERYDAY,FOR GUIDENSE, IM SO CONFUSED. DUE TO MY ILLNO, IM HOMEBOUND, I SPEND APPROXIMAYELY 22 hours a day in my hospital bed. My husband has a very old girl frihe kept in touch since we were first married, I found out about her when he almost died yrs. Ago. He is at her neck and call, we moved close to her.. he isn’t kind, yo the children or granddaughters. I cannot say anything negative about her, as he becomes furious, verbally abusive. My children want me to leave. But I know divorce is against Catholic Doctrlne. STAINT JUDE YOU Have always Been there for me, be with me now. I need tons of prayers,, please help my, pray for me and my familywe need an answer. As I’m going through not only physical, medically, emotional pain but spiritual pain. Thank you. Immaculate heart of. Mary pray for us, St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Joaquim, St. Rita hear my cries, Sacred Heart of Jesus hear my prayers,/cries and answer me please.