Please help me and my family PRAY for my brother Lonnie who is in ICU IN CRITICAL CONDITION WITH COVID-19. HE IS NOT ONLY MY BIG BROTHER, BUT MY BEST FRIEND. HE TOOK CARE OF 2 OLDER BROTHERS, my Mom, when they were Ill. He took care of me, when I was Ill. He has a Heart of Gold. Please. Help me pray to St. Jude to take our prayers 🙏 to Jesus Christ Our Lord. That JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH EMBRACE HIM, PROTECT HIM, “JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH WE GIVE YOU OUR HEARTS AND OUR SOUL. JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH ASSIST US IN OUR LAST AGONY. JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH MAY WE DIE with thee in peace. Amen.