St. Jude please increase my FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, TRUST, CONFIDENCE IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Please pray for my family and I. I’m homebound dur to many illnesses, no cure for any of them, just control my symptoms. Most causing excruciating pain all over body. I take pain meds, but they are not working. I’ve been to several pain management DRS. All tell me the same thing, there is nothing they can do to help me. The pain is getting worse and spreading. I have a dx. Of Lymphedema to both legs. I can’t even wear socks without being in years. I’ve been to the EMERGENCY ROOM 3 TIMES THIS MONTH FOR PAIN RELIEF. WHEN I GET there, my blood pressure is extremely high, I become short of breath. But I leave feeling worse, emotionally, as they label me a drug seeker. I have swelling and pain from bottom of my feet up my back, chest pain at times and massive headache. People keep telling me to go to another state. If I could afford it I would. My husband is 75yrs.old and has a bad heart. Neither one of us can travel, I have a great Devotion to St. Jude, but my family and I could use extra prayers 🙏. At times like today the whole inside of my mouth begins to burn. Even drinking either warm or cold water my tongue feels like it’s on fire. I’m very fatigue. I’ve passed out before, I can barely walk inside my home. Please send your prayers 🙏 for my family and I. St. Jude please hear our prayers. I’m taking narcotics. For pain. But like I said, the are very mild . I’m not sleeping. I need to find Dr. That will sit down and listen. I get so frustrated. There has been times when I just want to give up completely. I know the Catholic Church is against suicide. But I can’t afford to drive long distances, and I have 2 beautiful angels, I want to see grow up. My fellow Christian’s, please send some prayers this way. Thank you and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU , 🕯️⭐🛐✝️☹️🙏🙏j. I didn’t get to finish my last entry due to my tremors, my apologies.