Thank you St. Joseph, for always hearing our petitions, interceding for us. Taking our worries to Jesus Christ. St. Joseph, my fellow Catholics, Christians, please pray for my family. Help my husband, remove, his constantly criticizing me, being judgemental, take away his greed, deep anger, hatred, hostility. Make him stop breaking my heart , as I stutter at times, and he yells at me, becoming impatient with Me. Pray for my son Omar, my daughter in law Kathrine. That they open up their minds, hearted, souls, spirit and allow Jesus in their lives. That they be filled with the Holy Spirit, attend Catholic mass, pray. pray for my daughter Vannessa, increase her self esteem, give her patience with daughters age 8 and 4.the father of these children will not marry my daughter. St. Joseph please help open my daughters eyes, realizing she is living in sin. Help her find the means needed do she can move out, taking the children with her, protect them, keep them safe from all harm, harassment, bullying. GOD BLESS EVERYONE 🙏 ,PROTECT US FROM THE CORONAVIRUS. 🙏✝️🛐⭐🕯️🙇‍♀️