Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Jude please help my son Omar get a good job offer in the RGV. strengthen his marriage. Help his wife Katherine with her anxiety. Convert them both to become strong, faithful, Catholics. Help my daughter Vannessa, help her find a good husband with a good job, that has good, strong Catholic values. That will love her and my granddaughters. That he accepts them unconditionally, love them all, be kind, to them, nourish them with love, faith in God the Almighty, Immaculate heart of Marry. that my daughter vannessa and grandchildren, sarakate and paige finally be happy,and loved. Thank you God for your Blessings in our lives. Thank you St. Jude for your assistance. Please help my children and grandchildren with all their needs. Help me continue to receive my disability checks from Boston mutual. So my husband and I can afford our medications. And be able to help my children and grandchildren financially.