Please help pray for my 8yr. Old granddaughter sarakate who was born with stomach issues. Esp. pain. She has been diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD. She is having separation anxiety. If her mom goes to anywhere without her, she will run after the car, she will pull out her hair, hit self. She was failing her classes, was diagnosed with dyslexia, and when she becomes the slight excited she starts stuttering. She has been seen by a child psychiatrist, just recently increased her Zoloft. She has been seen by 2 stomach Dr. , She continues to experience stomach pain, constipation. My daughter Vannessa is at her wits end. She is going to ask her Dr. To send sara for 3rd opinions.please help me pray to St. Jude, St. Rita to help my daughter and granddaughters. 4 yr. Old Paige,Sara’s younger sister, also having speech issues. The school system won’t test her for dyslexia until next yr. As she was tested last yr. And as per her teacher, she is lagging behind her classmates. Please pray 🙏 for my daughter, give her patience, help her get the assistance she needs for her daughters, esp. Sarakate. Immaculate Heart of Mary hear our prayers. Intercede for us taking our prayers, petitions to Jesus Christ. Sacred Heart of Jesus hear us.