Please help my family and I by praying to St. Jude. That my son Omar, his wife Katherine, my daughter Vannessa and my husband Richard open up their hearts and minds and spirits and allow Jesus Christ into their lives. That they realize that having Jesus in their lives is so important. St. Jude fill them with the Holy Spirit. Help my son be successful in his job, that he get a raise. Strengthen his marriage. Heal his wife from her anxiety attacks. That she encourage my son to loose weight, and to exercise. Help my daughter and 2 daughters. Keep them safe from all harm, all evil. Help Vannessa realize she needs to leave the situation she is in. That she is committing a great son by living with the Father of her béautiful daughters, and exposing them to her unhappiness, low self-esteem. Please help her either get a full time job with good wages, benefitS so she can afford to support herself and Daughters. St. Jude help my granddaughters.Both with chronic illnesses. Especially Sarakate age 7,who suffers from anxiety, PTSD, frustration, low self-esteem, dyslexia, speech difficulties. When she has her anxiety attacks, she tends to harm herself. St. Jude I have faith in your help. Please help the above people. They all have had a rough time growing up. Take my petitions to Jesus Christ. Increase my Faith Hope Love Trust Confidence in Jesus Christ our Lord. Help me with my stomach ailments that prevent me from going out. Pray for my family start going to Church. And follow the Catholic Church Sacraments. St. Rita pray for my family. Immaculate Heart of Mary hear my prayers for my children, granddaughters and husband. St. Monica pray for us. St. Joseph please help my family as a whole, protecting them from all evil, dangers. Jesus at this time I pray to you to hear my prayers and petitions. I also pray for all souls in purgatory. Forgive their sins, raising their Hearts, Souls, Spirits up to heaven.