Please pray for my daughter Vannessa who is in a bad relationship. Besides not being married, she has 2 beautiful daughters who have chronic Medical issues. The oldest, 7yrs. Old was diagnosed with PTSD, and Anxiety. Pray that the medication for PTSD, anxiety works. That her panic/anxiety attacks stop as she tends to hurt herself during one. Pray that my daughter either find a full-time job with good wages, hrs. Benefits. Or apply for govt. Assistance programs for unwed moms and qualify for them so she can move out of the house with her daughters. Help me pray, to St. Jude to help them with their immediate needs, protect them from Vannessas boyfriend, father to her daughters. That he will not harm them in any way. St. Rita please help my daughter and granddaughters with their immediate needs. Sacred Heart of Jesus please hear and answer my petitions/prayers. Immaculate Heart of Mary hear our prayers taking our prayers to your son Jesus. St. Joseph as you protected your family from harm, protect my family.