Y. S.

St. Jude please hear our prayers. STOP all future riots, íncrease our FAITH, HOPE, LOVE AND TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. All Christians Please help me Pray to St. Jude to STOP all pending riots, especially on the Day of Inauguration of Our New president. Stop the Killings, The Hate, False accusations, The Greed for money and power . Protect our Future Government officials. Protect all Government buildings from destruction. St. Jude, assist us in becoming Strong Devout Catholics. Intercede for all Christians to Jesus Christ our Lord, to instill in all of us Love , Respect for each other. Love and Respect for GOD THE ALMIGHTY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. HOLY SPIRIT STRENGTHEN US BY YOUR PRESENCE. St. Jude, Help Us in uniting together as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD “. PROTECT ALL OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT, ARMED FORCES, INNOCENT BYSTANDERS, FROM ALL HARM, all EVIL. BRING PEACE AND UNITY TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, OUR GOVERNMENT, OUR CHURCHES, THE DESECRATION OF OUR CHURCHES, OUR ALTERS, OUR HOLY EUCHARIST, THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR STATUES, OF JESUS, MARY, ST. JOSEPH, ALL SAINTS. FELLOW CATHOLICS, HELP ME PRAY. For Everyone affected by Covid-19, Now also A second Virus from Great Britain. And possibly one from Africa. Too many people have died, from the very young to the very old. We need to do our part to wear facial masks, and practice safe distancing. We need to Pray for all hospital Staff, from chaplains, nuns, techs. Drs. Nurses, and All Hospital Staff working non stop, including EMS DRIVERS, EMTS. St. Jude please help, all Catholics, that have left the Church to repent, asking Jesus Christ for forgiveness, and assist them in returning to the Church, becoming Strong, Devote Catholics. St. Jude please Pray for us to JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. ALSO Delivering our Petitions to JESUS CHRIST. ST. RITA PRAY FOR US. BLESSED VIRGIN MARY PRAY FOR YOUR Children. Cover Us with Your Prescious mantle. Protecting us from all EVIL, TEMPTATIONS, FEAR, LIES, PROTECT US FROM ALL HARM AND CORRUPTION. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE. GOD BLESS EVERYONE. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL. ✝️🙏🌟🕯️👼😷🙇🏻‍♀️. HELP OUR NATION, PLEASE EVERYONE, EE NEED TO PRAY THE HOLY ROSARY EVERYDAY. AND THE DIVINE MERCY PRAYER AND NOVENA. FOR IF WE HONOR JESUS MOTHER, OUR MOTHER, AND MAKE HER HAPPY, HER SON JESUS WILL SEE THAT AND HONOR HIS MOTHERS PRAYERS FOR ALL HER CHILDREN. 🌹🌟