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The St. Jude Journal – April 2019

April 24, 2019

Welcome to the St. Jude Journal. I am delighted to share with you letters of thanksgiving for St. Jude’s intercession, especially during the upcoming Spring…

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Weekly Devotion – April 22nd

April 22, 2019

Christ is risen! Alleluia! Christ’s Resurrection and His unqualified love for us are His greatest gifts to us. God blesses us with new life, with…

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Weekly Devotion – April 15th

April 15, 2019

For Palm Sunday we hear the story of Jesus’ Passion. Jesus prays in this time of pain—He is nailed to the cross, beaten, and humiliated.…

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The 2019 Holy Week Prayer Cross at the Shrine

April 12, 2019

We are grateful for the thousands of devotees who have sent their petitions to be joined together in the St. Jude Holy Week Prayer Cross.…

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Weekly Devotion – April 8th

April 8, 2019

During Lent, we pay special attention to our body and how it can help us grow in holiness. By fasting or choosing to abstain from…

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April Day of Prayer for the Healing of Cancer

April 3, 2019

Throughout today’s liturgies at the National Shrine of St. Jude, we will pray in a special way for all those who suffer from cancer. I…

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Weekly Devotion – April 1st

April 1, 2019

On this fourth Sunday of Lent, Jesus tells the parable of the prodigal son. Just as the father never stopped loving His ill-behaved son, God’s…

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Weekly Devotion – March 25th

March 22, 2019

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus’ parable about the unfruitful fig tree tells us of God’s patience. Consequently, it also contains a warning that we should…

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Weekly Devotion – March 18th

March 18, 2019

Jesus appears with Moses and Elijah as He is transfigured in this week’s Gospel reading. Peter must be as shocked as those with him, but…

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Weekly Devotion – March 11th

March 11, 2019

What a holy time we have entered into this Lent. The season is truly a gift—it is the Church’s gift to her people—when we as…

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