Hi all! I was just laid off my Job of manys years in the Real Estate Field with no warning no Severance package nothing, Benefits ended asap! I’m living of my savings account thatbI can’t afford to spend, Ol LORD Iam believing for a Full Remote Career position with Great compensation, Great Medical Benefits, I pray thar the Hiring Manager is a Gift from God ,I’ve had some demonic evil spirited managers in the past ! Lord I’m believing to have a plethora of Jobs offers in the Real Estate arena , Oil and Gas sector , Title Land Abstract Analyst or Propertie Preservation Analyst I’m believing before Christmas in Jesus most Powerful name amen! Also he My mother she had a cancer scare with a Rare Skin cancer we are believing thar the cancerous tumor will Never in this lifetime ever grow back on my mother body she will be forever Cancer FREE in Jesus Most Powerful name amen! Iam also Believing for Love, I have had the worst luck when it comes to find pure from a lover who will love me like my parents love on each other!! I’m believing for the love of my life , I pray for a life partner that will love me with all of there heart and Soul, I rebuke a Cheating spirit lover, I rebuke a Lying spirit lover, I rebuke a Sabotage spirited lover, I rebuke a Jealous Spirited lover, I rebuke a Deceiving Spirited lover… I welcome a lover of God , lover that has been restored and healed fully! A lover that is ready to love and be loved! I believe for a Nurturing spirited lover and Harsh ,Demonic spirited lover I rebuke that in Jesus name. I’m ready to be a Wife, I deserve real loyal Love in Jesus name amen,! I believing for Healthy children 4 of them gites or boys or both, I’m 45 omg LORD what happened to me??? I pray over my upcoming surgery I have large Fibroids tumors, that’s the reason I can’t bare my own children I’m so sad omg! I pray over my uterus thar there is No Cancer in Jesus’s Name. I have to take my final MRI whenever I get Medical Benefits again . Please prat for me, Amen