Please pray for my dad, Tom Beal who is extremely ill. Please pray for every cancer cell in his body to be cast out, healing him of his cancer and for him to be woken from his coma. My dad has been in a coma for almost 3 months after suffering 2 strokes, after surgery to remove a grade 4 cancerous brain tumour. For someone with this cancer the average lifespan is 2 years with aggressive cancer treatment. My dad isn’t a candidate for any cancer treatment and the tumour has begun to grow back. The doctors have little to no hope. I’m begging for your prayers now for a miracle to save my dad, the most precious thing in my life. I have made many vows to Saint Jude, promises in return for the healing of my dad, I have confidence he will grace us with his intercession. My dad is so extraordinarily loved by literally hundreds, and he loves them all so purely in return. He is only 57, me only 19. He and my mom are soulmates, and their souls are so bonded that they can’t survive without each other. He in his beautifully humble and selfless way, loves us more than he could ever begin to love himself, and is not afraid to tell anyone how much we mean to him. He is truly the best person I know. The kindest, bravest, most compassionate, wisest, humblest, most intelligent, funniest, most optimistic and the most loving person I know. He is not only my dad but my best friend, mentor, and guide. I could give up everything in my life and still feel rich so long as I have my parents, specifically my dad. He has the most incredible ability to spread light to those around him, it just draws people in. He can start up a conversation with anyone, no matter who they are and they just feel comfortable with him, and within a few minutes, they become a friend. How something so horrific so terrible and so cruel could have happened to such an amazing man is beyond me. He cannot speak, cannot move and may not even be able to comprehend the things he sees or what is said around him. I do not think he can pray or reach out to God in any way. In his impossible case, I beg you all to hold up my petition to heights I can’t, as I know all things are possible with God and Jesus Christ and all prayers answerable through the intercession of our compassionate and good Saint Jude, our loving Mother Mary, and the many Saints in Heaven. I would be extremely grateful if you would say a prayer for a miracle for my dad, so he can live, grow in his faith and share in our love for many more years. Thank you