please here is my wishes for my novena

1.please help me and guide me to finish my 9 days novena.
2.please me and my husband always have a stable job and salary.
3.Please help,guide,give strenght,faith and hope my daugther to overcome whatever challenges and trials she will encounter while studying.
4.Please always keep away my family from covid-19 or to any kind of diseases.
5.please help me to pay my all credit cards again.
6.Please my husband housing allowance they will give them back.
7.please remove any anger of my older sister from my younger brother.
8.Please help me to cover all my expenses here in the US,UAE and Philippines.
9.Please my husband will have more ot.
10.Please provide the money i need to buy a car i can use here in my work.
11.Please help bring my daugther here in the US.
12. Please guide me and protect me to my work place.
13.please help me to find away to let aleem find a job here in the US so he can work and stay here in thr us
14.Please help me that first gulf bank and DEEM BANK will stop and just closed my credit card with them.please they dont give me any case.
15. please help me to save money
16.Please NECC will choose me to give a green card resident here in the US.
17.Please give hope,faith and strength ate lee and kuya deo to overcome for the trails they having now,
18.please i dont know how but i hope that all my picture in Ali phone will be remove.
20.please help me to fullfill to give school supplies those kids who need in my
21.please help me to be financially stable.
22.Please I will not spend money to the things I dont need.
23.Please help me to control myself in spending money.
24.Please provide all the necessary financial that ate lee and kuya deo for kuya deo treatment for his cancer.
25.Please help me that ariel find a good job here in the US.
26.Please help me to provide the money i need right now.
27.Please help me to bring my father and mother and my sibling and thier family as well here in the US for a vacation.please they got approve for tourist visa.
28.Please help wasef mom to control his behavior.
29.Please help me to have a successful career in the USA.
31.Please give me more overtime job in my company.
32.Please help me to earn 7000 dollar every month to cover all our expenses.
33.Please help me to pay all the taxes in the US.
34.Please my line manager and head will like me and they are being good to in my new company NECC.
35.Please my daughter Angela got an approve tourist visa here in the US.
36.Please help me to pay Deem credit card and closed this card.
37.Please help me to get a green card and permanent residence here in the UNITED STATES.