Uziel casiano

St. Jude please intercede for my brother Uziel Casiano. He’s not in the best condition right now, theyve told him theres not much else they can do but buy him more time but he’s putting up a fight, hes a warrior. Only god has the last word. He doesnt fail us. This is truly our last hope, please i pray for a miracle. Give him faith, strength and courage. He has still so much left to give, he wants to live, regardless of what doctors say. I pray God opens up a path, a new solution. Let him beat the odds, have mercy on him. Thank you god because i know you will not fail us. I pray for everyones healing, those who are dealing with the same situation as him, those who have illnesses, as well as children, those who are passing through a rough time in their lives or at home. Please everyone, all i ask is you have my brother in your prayers. Thank you so much in advance.🤍🙏🏻