Urgent healing

Dear St. Jude and all the prayer warriors on this site, please help intercede for me. You’re the only one I can depend on right now. Only God can help me. Please heal my father from his cancer. Remove this cancer so it doesn’t spread in his body soon. He’s currently going into treatment and I fervently pray that the medicine they are putting in his body is working to fight this cancer for remission. I know that there is no impossible with God. That we have a God of healing and a God of love. Please help heal my father. Please bless him with lots of strength to fight this disease. Please bless him with a longer life so we can spend more time together and make more memories. Please don’t leave us right now. You are our hope, our strength, and the only one who helps us get through this. Please heal my father. Take away the pain and discomfort he is feeling in his body and make all his scans clear. We are so lost, scared, and really don’t know what to do. Please help us pray to God that he will answer our prayers. Please heal my father and bless him with good news in all his future scans. I also pray for my mother. Please continue to keep her healthy and strong. Please don’t let anyone in my family have cancer or any serious illness. Please continue to bless me with good health too that I will never have cancer or any serious illness. Please help St. Jude. Please don’t leave us. Please give us hope and comfort. Take away all our fears. Please we need your miracles, hope, and strength. Thank you so much. Amen.