Thank you so much

Dear St. Jude and everyone who prayed with me, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your love and support. My annual checkup results came out normal. I still have another scan coming up. Please make the results normal and good. Please continue to help me with my anxiety and fears. Please continue to make all my scans and checkups normal. Please continue to heal my father. Please continue to remove all inflammation, blockages, damaged tissues, lymph nodes, cancer cells in his body. Please continue to heal him from his cancer. Please help him fight for this disease. Please continue to make all his scans and checkups good and that his cancer will never spread. I also continue to pray for my mom that her goiter will go away. Please continue to heal her too and that she will not get sick. Please bless my parents with a long and healthy life and make all their scans and checkups good. I also pray for myself. Please please make all my scans and checkups good results too. Please do not allow me to have cancer or any serious illness. Please bless me with more time to live with my little children. I fervently pray that no one in our family will have cancer and any serious illness. Please continue to bless my family with good results in our scans and checkups. Thank again for all the prayers and help. Please do not get tired of my prayers and in helping me. I also pray for everyone on here. Please help us all. Amen