Dear St Jude,
I have prayed for months for permanent work ad a salary that will be suitable for my bills and family. I have been on countless interviews and have been temporary put in jobs that were not meaningful. I went to an interview this morning and I believe that I have found the one that is in my field of Section 8 and HUD and 20 minutes from my house, Please intercede on my behalf and if its in your will so be it. I also have been trying hard to loose weight im considered obese also I have arithritis in my knees the pain is so bad, But because I don’t have a job I don’t have insurance to get my health taken care of. I was hospitalize because of my weigh that it lead to high/low blood pressure. where im fainting. So please pray that I can get my weight/pain under control so my health will continue to flourish for me and my family. Thank you and I pray for this circle in Jesus Name.