Thank you, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thank you Mother Mary, thank you Saint Jude, for answered prayers. Please continue to hear my family’s prayers and my prayers. Please help heal our marriage and help my husbands with his addiction to alcohol. Give him the strength and courage to say no to Alcohol. Bless our children to make the right choices in life. Bless them with wisdom to choose wisely and not to be tempted by materialistic things. Bring them closer to our Savior. I pray that we come through our financial issues and are able to pay off all our loans. Please help me let go of the anger I have towards my in laws. I pray for the continuity of my job. I pray for my children’s education. Specially for my daughter to understand the importance of being more focused towards her studies and to appreciate the blessings she has been given. I pray for my mother and father and my husband’s parents. Bless them all with good health. Bless my sisters and their families. St. Jude Pray for us. Mother Mary Bless and Protect us. Jesus have mercy on us. AMEN