Support San Gabriel Mission

Located just 9 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Mission San Gabriel Arcángel serves as a cornerstone for the Catholic faith community in Los Angeles County. Founded nearly 250 years ago, since 1908 San Gabriel has been stewarded by the Claretian Missionaries who are called to respond to the needs of the community through love, justice and peace.

Listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and as a California Historic Landmark, the parish serves nearly 1200 parishioners within a diverse local community. Rich in history, visitors are welcome to tour the church, museum, and grounds.

Restoring the Historic Mission

Built of stone, brick, and mortar, San Gabriel is one of the best preserved of all the California Missions. However, in the early morning of July 11th, the historic Claretian parish suffered a damaging fire. The mission roof was destroyed, and the just-refurbished pews and much of the interior were severely damaged. The altar, which was miraculously spared in the fire, is original and was handcrafted in Mexico City and brought to the Mission in the 1790s. The altar, along with numerous other historic artifacts, fortunately, had been removed from the sanctuary as part of a renovation in preparation for the 250th anniversary of the Mission’s founding. Unfortunately, the reredos (the ornamental screen behind the altar) was damaged, as were a number of statues, including Saint Gabriel the Archangel, Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Dominic monuments.

Pride of the Missions

Unique among California’s 21 historic Missions because of its Moorish style, fortress-like architecture with capped buttresses and long narrow window along the primary side wall, the Mission has suffered damage before by numerous earthquakes, but has been restored each time. Today, the Claretians need your help to continue their historic work at San Gabriel Mission, nicknamed the “Pride of the Missions”. Fr. John Molyneux, former National Shrine of St. Jude Director and current Pastor and Local Superior at San Gabriel Mission, shared the sorrow, and hope, the San Gabriel community is feeling, “We are saddened, but not daunted. We are resurrection people.” Your generous hearts continue to remind us that we will get through this together. Please consider supporting the rebuilding of San Gabriel Mission.

Support the San Gabriel Mission

Any gift you are able to make supports the restoration of the historic Claretian Mission badly damaged by fire. Your support for our San Gabriel Mission community is deeply appreciated. As a Claretian community, we are saddened, but not daunted: We are resurrection people.

Send a Prayer for San Gabriel Mission

Send your special intention for the hope and healing of the San Gabriel Mission community. We will deliver your prayer to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine of St. Jude to be remembered in our Masses and prayers.