Support the Claretian Missionaries in Ukraine

The Claretian Missionaries have three members living and working in the western Ukraine town of Truskavets, near the Polish border, Fr. Wojciech Kobyliński, Fr. Krzysztof Łabędź, and Brother Marcin Kukuś.

Together, with Brothers Tadeusz Lihs and Łukasz Przybyło from the Polish Province of Claretian Missionaries, they've been helping refugees escape to Poland and supporting those who traveled west to flee the fighting in the east since the onset of the war.

On top of their normal work, these Claretian brothers now serve as drivers, transporting refugees to the border; organize food, clothing, and medicine; and provide money to those who fled with nothing.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Your prayers and support have helped Claretian Missionaries provide lifesaving assistance to those in war-torn Ukraine and refugees in Poland. Our Claretian brothers have taken five trips with packed cars to deliver items to those most in need and are planning more.

Humanitarian aid received with your help:

  • Food, chemicals, and clothing for service men members
  • Hospital in Boryslav, Ukraine is grateful for the donation of medicines, disinfectants, and equipment including an analyzer for blood test, a surgical ocular magnifying glass, and a ultraviolet light for decontamination
  • Military hospital in Truskavets, Ukraine supplied with bandages, gauze, and medicine
  • Purchase of a car for a school housing 40 orphans
  • Basic necessities for over 60 families
  • Supplies and monetary donations for daily influx of refugees

“Thank you very much for all the help you have given. It doesn't always have to be material. Sometimes it takes a kind word, support, a letter or a prayer to restore someone's faith and will to live. Therefore, every form of support is valuable. We send you a big thank you from many individuals and individual families for your kind hearts. You are also thanked by the soldiers, often ordinary men, who have left their families and their jobs to fight for the freedom of their homeland and their future.” – Brother Tadeusz Lihs, treasurer for the Polish Province of Claretians Missionaries

Please keep our Claretian Missionaries in Ukraine and Poland and all the people of their communities in your prayers. And please consider supporting the Claretian mission in Ukraine.

A Prayer to St. Jude for Peace

Through your intercession, St. Jude, please help me to always be open to the calming presence of God. Help me to remember how important my forgiveness toward others can be, for their peace as well as for mine. I will continue to pray for peace between nations. But I also want to contribute to building peace in the corners of the world that I live in, and with the people I meet...whether I know them well or not. May God grant my family peace. And may He grant me peace and strength as I continue to work to follow Jesus' teachings. Thank you, St. Jude, for being a source of deep hope and for bringing my petitions to God. Amen.

Support Claretian Missions in Ukraine

Any gift you are able to make supports the important work the Claretian Missionaries are doing for refugees in Poland and those still in turmoil in the Ukraine. Your support for these efforts and people is deeply appreciated.

Send a Prayer for Ukraine

Send your special intentions of hope and peace for the people of Ukraine and our Claretian Missionaries. We will deliver your prayer to the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine of St. Jude to be remembered in our Masses and prayers.