Stanley Sattianathan

Dearest St. Jude, please pray and intercede for my desperate intentions in my hopelessness, you are known for you miracle prayers for the hopeless. Help me St.Jude to receive the miracle that I need. St.Jude please also pray for all that are seeking you aid and prayer. Amen.
I pray for the miracle of overcoming my health issues, and financial and debt difficulties. My debt situation has overwhelm me and is beyond my control. I am really looking to change and turn=around my life by settling all my debts but I truly know that I definitely cannot do it all by myself, I really the help of Jesus to the Father in Heaven. With Jesus I am nothing, Only Jesus my savior and redeemer can bring heal me, and bring out of this situation without shame and disgrace. I want to maintain the good name my parent and generations have maintain for my family line. I truly know that nothing is impossible for JESUS and without JESUS I am nothing. All my trust and hope in in Jesus and the heavenly Father alone. Whatever the Father’s will maybe accept it as I am sure it is the best for me. Amen.