St Jude of Miracles

Dearest Mother Mary my Mother! St, Jude, St Anthony. I was just laid off of my job of many years 3 weeks ago! with No warning ,no servance package and my benefits were shut down in 3 days, How horrible is that the CEO of the company is a Evil man to lay families off without pay right before the Holidays! Mary Mother of God Iam believing that you will bless me with a New Job offers before Christmas, fully remote as I’ve been working for well over 6 years and Great Benefits with a Low deductible and 100% paid by the employer. I have a Major surgery coming up. Please Moma Mary here my cries, I totally don’t deserve this Struggle and punishment as I was a great employee, this isn’t my fault so why iam I being punished? I surly didn’t lay my self off… Ol Mother Mary my faith is HUGE, Miracles happen everyday 🙏🏼 I’m believing for Miracles and Favor over my life today! Mother Mary I just had a job interview on Tuesday please give me favor that I get an offer asap! I believing for the Right Jobs offers. Also please give grant me Favor have the bank release my funds asap in one lump sum $1084.71 before Christmas. I also pray over the car accident case that is all in my “”Favor”” I was hit while sitting parked at the park. The driver lied and said he didn’t hit me when Mama I have the pics of him holding his Insurance policy in hand while I took the pictures. Mother Mary I promised I will forever be thankful with Gratitude!

Please Intercede on my behalf Mother Mary…

In Jesus most Powerful 🙏🏼 Name amen