1.Thank you for all the blessings n graces v hv rcvd
3.Peace,Unity,Love,Understanding, prayers in our Family.
4. To clear all our financial debt.
5.For financial growth n stability resolve passport issues.
7. I surrender my family(Mom,baby Emmanuel,Sapna ,Sunayna n Rohit in ur lovin care n place them in ur merciful heart.
8.for spiritually and healin for my family , Rohit n me
9. Help Rohit to get rid of bad habits and Alcohol and drugs.
10. To marry Rohit…Get job overseas….n settle down overseas wt Rohit n our parents n family.
Dear Lovin n humble St.Jude I place in ur Merciful heart my Mom, sapna n sunayna, Emmanuel n Rohit….
Bless each one of us…Heal us Spiritually and Physically.
Help us to leave our bad ways behind n follow Jesus my saviour.
Help me Wt the Job soon wt good salary..
To clear my loan amount soon..
For home that v maintain it well n clean it..
Help Rohit to get rid of bad habits and Alcohol and drugs.
Help us to both to get a job overseas together…
‘: Dear Lovin St.Jude Help me n guide me to b patient n kind towards my loved ones…help me to win my Family’s n Rohit’s heart n their love
Help me to Marry Rohit n settle wt him soon overseas…