Dear St. Jude, Thank you for all of the blessings that you have given to me in my times of greatest angst. Thank you for always hearing my prayers and bring me the faith needed to overcome challenges. I am grateful for each tribulation you have helped me resolve through God’s grace. Please continue to strengthen my faith and allow me to share this practice with my family so that they too can rejoice against any adversity. Please guide us each day and protect us from harm. Please allow us to use our gifts to help others. Please bless my children with good health especially my daughter who is ill at this time. May the Lord heal her through your intercession. Please fill my mind and heart with purpose so that my work may always be joyful, passion and in service to others. May our family’s blessings be shared with others so that our world is a better place because of our actions. Thank you St Jude for blessing me in so many ways and allowing me share our blessings with others. Amen.