Sharon Propatier

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, St. Jude, Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints. I am BEGGING YOU FOR A MIRACLE. Please, Please, Please place your healing hands upon Miranda Lee Propatier. She has been fighting cancer for almost a year now. She has also incurred diabetes and lymphedema along the way. She has been soooooo good about all her treatments. She very very rarely complains. She did chemotherapy, many radiation treatments. Now tests her blood several times daily with a prick to her finger along with giving herself 2 needles in her stomach daily, now she can hardly walk with the lymphedema swelling her leg soooooo much! Besides all of that….she is in chronic pain because of this. She just needs a break…….please GIVE HER A BREAK. she had many other things to deal with in life and has overcome them.
she has always been well liked by all and LOVED by so many, even facing prejudice by many. She has had anxiety and has gotten along with that also….she really does conquer everything that she can possibly control. she has no control over this and I am praying, begging and pleading for your help for her. Please…..please….please….I am begging get rid of this cancer and lymphedema (or at least make it manageable for her) because if it is manageable — she will handle it! I promise you that…..with all the help from her friends and family and her strong attitude…..she will manage it. But please cure this cancer…please.