I wish to thank God for his abundant blessings, including relief from the horrific pain I had suffered for more than 2 years. The 2nd surgery I had in November 2019 was successful and I am once again pain-free. I prayed to God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit, the embodiment of their love, grace, and mercy, and to the Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints, especially Sts. Jude, Anthony, Francis, Catherine and Theresa for their intercessory prayers on my behalf and in His mercy, God has granted my prayer.

It is said that when we suffer the most we either draw closer to God or push Him away. I chose to draw closer to Him and He taught me so many lessons during that time–to be patient, humble, trusting, faithful, loving, joyful, and grateful for all of His abundant blessings. I now pray that with His grace, I will learn how to better love and serve Him and to continue growing closer to Him each day until the day He brings me home to join all the angels and saints in glorifying Him in heaven.