Dear blessed St Jude please protect my second daughter – thank you for keeping her safe from the 2 wheeler accident she just had. please let her be safe and alright-
please let my daughter be safe from a rough man who is causing trouble for her -in the same apartment complex –
please let her realise her faults and shortcomings and be able to handle the situation now at the association meeting and let them take decisions understanding and respecting her feelings. all in the apartment complex are happy families and only ours is a broken one and she is the only single lady living in an apartment with the guy who is troubling her with marital issues i dont know much about.
please dear St Jude send your powerful miracles to her rescue -she is all alone with no one on her side and with her family all out of the native country living abroad – please send help to her lord – thank you for all your favours to her – praying for all in the group – amen