Blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to let my second daughter get the job she wants to get which will give her the opportunity to work from home – please please let her get selected for the job –
looks like her faith has come back to her . thank you St Jude. she asked me to pray for her for the first time in many many years i lost count.
Please send your powerful miracles to help her get the job please –
she has no money, no job now, no man in her life to help her – she really needs to understand the ground reality that she cannot survive on her own.
please give her good health and protect her from the new virus going around in the state now . please let her wear mask and be protected in all the way and be healthy She has no family with her and please keep away her evil friends from her.
please let the best happen to her lord – if coming to this country to study or by marriage where me and her sister is living is better for her then let her come here lord OR if staying back in the native country is better for her then lord please decide for her and let it happen as per your wish only . please let her get financially secure somehow and stop depending on me lord – I am praying for all in this group and beyond to find solution to their problems.
thank you for everything given to her dear St Jude – always grateful amen