Blessed St Jude, please bless my second daughter and continue to protect her – now she says she is ready for an arranged marriage. I really do not know what to do . on one side her sister’s marriage is on the rocks with 2 little kids one is just 7 months.
please dear St Jude, show and guide us the right path and please please please i plead with you lord for her to find her soul mate asap to love, to marry and to have a family- please lord help me – i am torn – please let her be able to get the job she has applied for – and she wants to have her own apartment – that is possible only if she gets the job – please i want her to come to this country or her father is trying job for her in the country he is living in – please decide for her lord which is best for her let her get it please –
please lord i have not seen my daughter since 2019 – please lord my heart is breaking – i miss her so much – i am not travelling to her to the native country because of my husband;s cancer – and vulneribility – and she is not coming here i do not know why–
please please send your powerful miracles to find her soul mate please – i am helpless in this matter – please help- thank you dear St Jude for all your favours to her -always grateful –