Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to show us a way to resolve the problem between the company my second daughter used to work for and and issue which i do not know what it is with them. please protect and guide my stubborn idiotic naive second daughter in the right path urgently -she has to return the company lap top which was given to her to use and for some reason she is not giving it back and also the company is not giving her her original marksheets-
She is being arrogant and an idiot for fighting with such big international companies she is in danger – please let her surrender the laptop before it gets out of hand lord-
she said yesterday she is leaving home and consider her dead. i dont know what to do – i live in another country and is taking care of my advanced cancer patient husband – and i am so scared of going in an airplane- i am under tremendous pressure lord – please send your powerful miracles to help me and my daughter at this hard tough time.
please let her father my ex husband who is in the native country be able to help and save her and please let her calm down and talk to her father and agree to give back the company laptop with their confidential information.
Please let her not get any criminal case against her – please let her ego and arrogance come down- and be humble and agreeable -please let the company also give some consideration and time and not take any extreme punishment to her-
please let there be no need for me to leave my cancer patient husband alone in the house and go away to another country 8000 miles away 10 hours plus travel by air- it is just too much for both of us lord- please do not let my daughter choose a bad way to live with all the pressures mounting on her – please let her remain the good person she always was – please please help me this time – i cannot bear this pain anymore – i have only my prayers to you to live by – my hope – i survive each day praying with hope to you my dear St Jude- please let my daughter cooperate and give back the company laptop and settle the matter with them – she is a nobody to fight with such big international companies – they will finish her off – please urgently help her and me and let her father agree and settle the matter with the company and i dont have to leave my cancer patient husband and go to to help my daughter – i thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours given to me and my daughter and rest of the family – always grateful – i pray for all in this circle —