Dear blessed St Jude, please protect guide my idiotic, misguided, egoistic, weak, second daughter who is highly educated going the wrong way – getting involved with a married man (who says he is seperated from his wife and children but still lives in the same house!) dear lord please save my girl from all the mess she is in now.
The company which she was working is not giving back her original mark sheets without which she cannot work anywhere and she is not taking it seriously.They are also asking a huge amount of money from her – may be her one month salary- please resolve this big issue for her asap -please send your powerful miracles to help her get back her papers urgently which is a serious issue and she is not realising it. All my effort as a single parent is gone if she stops working and if she does not get her original marksheets back and she cannot apply to any university in this country if she is not going to get her marksheets- She has not even told me about this serious matter – please please help -all my life efforts is going down the drain and i am forced to sit and watch.
please i plead with you lord to put the girl on the right track on to your path
please let her get back her faith in God and prayers- please let her urgently call the apartmemt complex electrician to repair the damage in my apartment.
please let her stop fighting with her sister and me – please let her find her soul mate to love, marry and have a family which she so deserves –
please lord decide for her what is right and wrong because i dont think she is doing anything right- no job,no money,no future with the current affair with a married man with kids who is seperated from his wife but will never divorce, so she will have no dignity in her life, but she is has so many emotional problems i do not know what is right or what is wrong for her anymore- i have to think differently in her case- please please urgently come to my help- i am going through hell because of my daughters and not bringing them up with proper training and support which i never had – please we need your help very urgently and badly – i am like a dead person walking – please give us mental and physical strength to overcome all our problems and to deal with them in the best way we can.
Thank you dear St Jude for every support and favour given to my daughter – I pray for all in this circle and beyond may all find peace – amen