Dear blessed St Jude, please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to save my second daughter from any legal or any other issues from the company she was working for before she quit the job – I heard bits of information that she did not serve the notice period and she left that city and came back home after meeting the married man and thinking foolishly he will take care of her which he has not done.
He has broken up with her and is coming now and then i dont know for what lord
Please dont let the foreign company initiate any legal case against my daughter because of what she did – i hope and pray that is the only problem – i dont know anything more lord – please let the company forgive her and give back her original mark sheets which they are holding and not giving to her – please let my arrogant idiotic stupid daughter be forgiven and please save her from her company’s legal action or any other action- please let her be humble and let them not fine her with money which she does not have .
She has to give them lots of money and she has not asked me for anything nor has shared her problem with me – i do not know what is happening lord – please urgently send your powerful miracles to protect her and for the company to give back her original mark sheets without which she cannot get any work anywhere -She has no money to even eat food – i have to send it to her from her step dad money – please please let them NOT take any legal action against her which will finish her – she has nobody and still showing arrogance because of the influence of the married guy and she has never known or seen money in her life – he is fairly well off –
i feel so helpless and in distress – please help please –
Thank you for all your favours to her – amen