Dear blessed St Jude, I thank you today for the better recovery of my nurse daughter and grand daughter from coronavirus positive – please let them fully regain their health with no other problems lord –
Please stop the harsh way her husband treats her even when she is recovering from covid. Whatever he is its only because of the generosity of my daughter. Please make him realise this fact lord and put him in his place and let him trea my daughter with all the respect she deserves. Let them both be loving towards me and let all the hatred go away and let them come and live close to us so that we will get help in our old age and we can give them help too with the child. Please dont let his friends take my daughter away from me by asking them to come and live in their area .
Please protect them all and their health , home and their jobs lord
Please cure her horrible face allergy of clusters of pus filled acne which has broken and created scars mostly around the mask area –
Please please let her doctor refer her to the dermatology department this Monday please and let her be able to sort the problem in the right way as soon as possible .Please heal her and calm her and let the child be happy
Thank you lord for all the favours to her and her family – ever grateful to you