Dear blessed St Jude, thank you for all your favours to my second daughter -She is back in my apartment in the native country with a man and with public displays of affection which is not appreciated with a very conservative, hypocrite narrow thinking group of men and women and where only families live. Please let her behaviour not cause trouble for her and her male friend in the 3rd world country where she is now and women are second class.
Please urgently send your powerful miracles to be with her lord and let her not make any mistakes along with the man and irritate or agitate anyone in the apartment complex- Let her stick by the rules of the apartment and somehow get the support and sympathy of the people living there and not their hatred –
Please let her not display her affection to the man in front of camera to show all – please let her learn to do everything low profile and please let this man be nice, good and single and if its your wish for her then let love happen and result in marriage and family lord please .
please let the man be from a good family, genuine, reliable and trustworthy towards her.
please let all her obstacles move away and please guide her in the right path and not to make mistakes anymore or irritate any of the people in other apartments especially neighbours.
please protect my daughter from coronavirus and all other health problems.
I leave her in your hands lord – i am a nervous wreck thinking of her – please let her find her soul mate, fall in love, marry, have a family of her own please
please let her get a second chance lord after her miserable past from a broken familu and cheating boyfriends.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to her – always grateful -amen