Dear blessed St Jude, I thank you today for everything given to me and my family.
I thank all at the shrine for their unconditional prayers to all – may God bless them with good healt’h and prosperity always!
Please let my younger daughter find a good man her soul mate, keep aside her ego , false sense of reality thinking I will support her always, see reality of her situation and her ‘friend’ who control her and she is stuck and not moving ahead , i feel she is being used by her friends and not realising it because she has no family member with her in the country – we all left to survive .This second daughter is my biggest heart ache because she is 30 plus and she needs a family more than anyone else coming from a broken family with no money and a miserable past and childhood- Lord I pray to you today to please give her a second chance and let her meet her soul mate- i am convinced ONLY you my dear St Jude can make this happen through your intercession and your powerful miracles – please please please let her fall in love and viceverca with a good man please please i plead with you – I am so tired of her please i cannot carry this burden anymore please – i feel so distressed.
Please let her come to this country if that is your wish lord for her and only if its good for her future – because i will have to spend all my savings on her tuition fees for her Msc masters course if she is coming to study – but if she is coming to get married through the marriage website which she has not shown any interest so far – then that is the best idea.
Please protect her from all dangers, accidents and coronavirus –
please let the new year bring my second daughter the best and let her single hood go away to marital bliss and having a family nobody deserves it better than her lord -I cannot leave the country and be with her because my husband is undergoing advanced cancer treatment.
please remove any curse on my family lord –
Thank you again and again for keeping me sane through all my troubles .