Dear blessed St Jude please protect and guide my elder daughter with her high risk pregnancy with gestational diabetes who had severe vomiting, gaseous , shoulder pain and chest pain yesterday and day before.
Now the hospital authorities are insisting for an X-ray of chest today and she is saying NO scared for radiation for her foetus .
Please let the right thing happen my Lord.
Please let her health be normal Lord let all the gas / indigestion whatever is troubling her go away Lord.
Please let her learn to say NO to sugar and carbs please and please let the mother and foetus be normal and safe .
The delivery is planned C section under GA on the 9th of December.
Please let all go well my dear St Jude ..Please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to protect bless and guide her , her husband and mother in law who has mo clue to control her high sugar.
This is an emergency which they are not realising Lord.
Please let the 3 idiots see the right path to take and not to delay.
The maternity wing is no good. The husband cannot speak English and my daughter is too tired ..
I am with my husband who has cancer ..
INLY you my dear St Jude can help her in this critical situation .
Please help.
Prayers for all in this circle and beyond ..
Thank you for all your favours to her and family my dear St Jude ..amen