Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to protect, cure my poor nurse daughter and her high risk pregnancy .
Please my dear St Jude , urgently come to my elder pregnant daughter’s rescue to give her physical strength after her continuous vomiting .
She has gestational diabetes and high risk pregnancy . Let the hospital and the doctor give her help and the correct treatment which they did not give her last time.
Please let the foetus be of all normal growth and be strong with good movements and kicking and give my poor daughter strength. Physical and mental.
Please let the husband do the right thing and let the hospital authorities also cooperate in giving her the IV to give her strength.
Please send your powerful miracles to save my daughter and her high risk pregnancy be normal and protected by you Lord.
Please let her delivery on the 9th of December be safe under General Anasthesia C section.and all as per your wish Lord.
Please let all her illness go away and give her perfect health.. and let the foetus be in total good health.
I am so distressed lord ..Please help . Thank you so much for all your favours to her given over the years my dear St Jude . Prayers to all in the circle and beyond. Amen