Thank you Dear St Jude for all your blessings and favours to me and my family .
I am always grateful to you .
Please urgently send your powerful miracles to save the pregnancy of my nurse daughter which is high risk due to her gestational diabetes problem .
please let the doctor find out the reason for her sudden itching of her body today if there is any deficiency of anything in her body.
The emergency scan she took today showed the baby stomach bloated more than last scan and it is alarming.
the movements are few and alarming
and she has been asked to come every day to the hospital to monitor the heart beat of the foetus.
Please bless, protect the foetus and the distressed mother .
Please calm her mind and give her mental and physical strength to go forward with this huge weight and stress related to the pregnancy – please lord she has been coughing for more than a month and she cannot breathe properly and is struggling in every way.
Please relieve her physical and mental struggle at once lord please do not let the poor girl suffer – she is a hard working nurse giving comfort to others – please please come to her help in this urgent time .
Please let the growth of the foetus be normal and the stomach bloating go away and the shortness of legs be corrected and let she get someone intelligent to diagnose her problem .
she is not getting a correct answer from anyone what her problem is.
Please bless her husband and let him be safe while driving his old car and let the daughter be able to learn well from school and let her mother in law get adjusted to the weather in this country and be safe
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the blessings and favours given to her and family – amen