Blessed St Jude please protect bless and guide my younger daughter who is facing problems from all fronts job, accommodation, money, current land Lord,and current co tenant ..Please stop all attacks on her from all with your mighty power Lord.and please let her be able to get help to sort out her numerous problems.
Please let her find her soul mate to love marry and have family of her own .
Please let the married man seeking divorce she found go away if he is a bad person.
Please protect my extremely vulnerable daughter.
Please let her forget all about her sad miserable past coming from broken family with no money.
Please let her not fall into any traps . And stop giving or lending money to people.
And start saving.
Please give her a second chance Lord.
Please protect her from corona virus and all other health problems problems.
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude . Amen