Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to urgently send your mighty power to help and protect my extremely vulnerable daughter and put some sense into her and calm her she is hysterical and crying from all the tensions from all sides . please stop with your powerful miracles the so called ‘friends’ who take advantage of her, make her run around sleepless to find apartments while they do nothing,
The man she said is her ideal partner for life happens to be still married not divorced yet , the man has spun a web around the naive broken vulnerable daughter of mine .
please my dear St Jude, urgently come to her rescue from this man who is still married saying he will apply for divorce in one months time .
please help my daughter to get admission in the right university, right course which i can afford and ONLY if its your wish for her to come here please let it happen.
please show her the truth about this man who is giving her hope and let her understand and back off – please bless her and give her confidence mental and physical please lord.
please let her meet her right soul mate -not the fake ones – fall in love – get married and have a family asap lord.
Thank you St Jude for all your blessings to her given -amen