Dear blessed St Jude, please give relief and complete recovery n cure of my younger daughter after her surgery – and let her be able to get back to her work and get her health back by stopping smoking immediately and not get stressed during her challenging work and not neglect her health and eat proper food.
Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please let her stop smoking immediately lord
let a good man, soul mate, come into her life and correct all her mistakes and
give her a secure family love filled with love which she desperately needs coming from a broken family not knowing anything good in her life.
Please protect her when she is driving her scooter and other wise from all accidents .
Please protect her from all her enemies in the apartment complex where she is living with you mighty power.
please guide her at every step she takes in her life and let her not make expensive mistakes – please send your powerful miracles to save her and stop all her enemies from acting against her .
Thank you my dear St Jude ,for all your kind help always given to me keeping me sane – thank you