Dear blessed St Jude, please protect, guide and heal my younger daughter when she is preparing and getting admitted to hospital for a cyst removal surgery on Monday tomorrow. She is on her own and no family with her in the native country and she is not talking to me for sometime now after a small fight I have no idea what is happening in my home country and with her .
Please give her confidence and strength to handle throughout and please let her friend and she be able to take correct dicisions always with your guidance as per your wish only lord . Please let all the tests and surgery be normal and let her have the physical health to go through without any problems –
Please let be at peace and calm and rested and let the doctor do all the possible tests on her which is required for her age (she never do any tests or anything do not want to know anything ) please let her be realistic and down to earth and see reality and not fight with her family i.e. me and her sister .
Please be with my daughter lord and wrap your arms around her and protect and ward off all evil bad things away from her — let all go well with your blessings – i am hurting so much and so restless with my little girl all alone going for surgery- and not talking to me also –
Please send your powerful miracles to let the surgery, post surgery and all related things to go perfiectly alright and all results of tests be normal .
Let the gynacologist doctor be alert and do the right things and diagnose all things correct and bless her and others with her also always throughout the surgery and beyond.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her -eternally grateful to you lord – amen