Dear blessed St Jude, please cure my nurse daughter of her dreadful face allergy face filled with clusters of acne filled with pus – which is not responding to antibiotics given to her by her doctor , refused by the dermatology department for not taking antibiotics continously for 3 months she is back to antibiotics now – please let the dermatology department accept the referrel from her doctor somehow lord please because this has scarred her face very badly and the mask area is most effected and her work as a nurse is very badly effected along with this allergy she has vericose veins , painful bunions, and gangilion cyst on her wrist all this is really bringing her down and she is overeating and becoming fat and will further bring down her health – please help her urgently with your powerful miracles as always you have done for her lord please restore her confidence and laughter -she has stopped calling me and has gone into her shell – please please help cure her allergy or this cursed problem as soon as possible – please let her, her nurse husband and child get cured from being covid positive to covid negative. please come to her help urgently lord – thank you for all the favours to her over all these years my dear St Jude . I am eternally grateful – please let her come and stay close to us as soon as possible somehow lord -I pray for all in this circle to get their problems solved lord .